Second Day Hair

Alright yall, don’t deny it. We all fall victim to second day hair. The task is making it look like you started from square one that day. Well I was extremely proud of my hair yesterday. Since letting it grow out to the middle of my back I had not yet curled it with a Chi. When my hair was short It was all I used to do, mainly because it was quick and easy. Not so much the case 7 inches of hair longer. One hour and 15 minutes later I had reached success.

Here is the finished product of day one hair.

And these are the products I used to achieve it.

Dove Style+Care Thermal Spray, Loreal Ever Sleek, and Dove Style+Care End Serum

So lets get to the important part. The SECOND DAY hair!!! So yes, I had curled my hair with the Chi and thankfully some of those curls held thanks to the Dove Thermal Spray. In typical “pretty hair day” fashion I could not keep my hands out of my hair. Naturally the next day it was a wee bit oily and I had some slight frizz from sleeping on it. I had plans to go to the mall with my Aunt and only 20 mins to get ready to go. I needed a cute hair style and I needed it fast. After I wasted about a minute staring at my reflection debating on whether or not curling it again will take me long to do. I decided to  take advice from my new manager.

“You can never go wrong with a sleek high pony. “

So I took my TRESemme Dry Shampoo (my saving grace in mornings I run late) and used it to make my hair look fresh again. Then I went on and used the same Loreal Ever Sleek to tame my frizzy hair and threw it into a high pony. I took a medium sized piece from the pony and wrapped it around my pony tail elastic and used a bobby pin to secure. In all the look took me 5 minutes. FIVE MINUTES! Think about all the free time you can take by only spening 5 minutes on getting your hair ready.

These are the products I used on Day two


Here is the finished product,


Remember, there is never anything any wrong with only spending 5 minutes on your hair. Especially if you originally spent over an hour the first day.


New Journey

Well this is the beginning of a journey: a journey of me being a blogger. And also a journey of me now living in Arizona. Arizona has been known for having some of the most beautiful women. Well I guess its time to up my game. No, not to find me a tall, dark, and handsome Latin man. (However, that wouldnt hurt.) I would like to “up my game” to better myself and the persona I give off. Oh the things I have up my sleeve for this lil’ ol’ blog.

I cannot wait to show the world my trials. Well I probably could…but hell aint no time like the present.